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Encourage People to Return and Take Action

When it comes to converting potential customers, a single online visit is typically not enough. Remarketing done right allows you to customize your display ads campaign to target users who have visited your website as they browse the Internet, watch YouTube videos, read news articles, and browse the web. Remarketing campaigns give you a chance to bring back customers with tailored ads and offers that relate to the experience they had on your website.

Marketing.com incorporates remarketing into our customized solution. By presenting highly relevant and engaging ads and offers to users who have previously visited your site, we make sure your brand is top-of-mind when your target audience is ready to buy. By gaining another opportunity to bring in their business, you have a powerful way to stay engaged in the customer journey– radically improving your conversions rates and return on investment (ROI).

Remarketing provides a unique opportunity to build awareness among a highly relevant audience based on their search behavior. Marketing.com drills into specifics to build custom affinities for your brand that will target users that have visited competitor websites, or read articles about the product/service you sell/offer, or have searched for valuable keywords, or browsed other sites within five minutes of conducting search. We apply additional addressable Geo-fence that provides another layer of targeting. We target specific business locations of key prospects as well as identify households with consumers with a high affinity of product driving consumers to your site, offering engagement options, and converting visitors with a sale.

Knowledge and Expertise Working for You

Marketing.com’s experienced team of digital marketers understand remarketing and how to optimize your campaign’s banner ads to target your site’s visitors along their customer journey. Studies show that previous visitors to your website are two to three times more likely to click on your ads compared to new visitors. Elevating your business above the competition is easy utilizing Marketing.com’s powerful online marketing technique.

Why Use Marketing.com for Remarketing?

From research to recommendations, ad design, and campaign launch, our knowledgeable team of marketers will work to ensure your remarketing campaigns are optimized to make the biggest impact of your advertising dollars. Marketing.com’s customized approach ensures that your search campaigns and remarketing lists for search ads include tailored keyword bids and ads for your highest value prospects.


Marketing.com helps you reach your streaming audiences through the convenience of OTT and CTV campaigns that leverage consumer data to maximize the relevance of your ad campaigns.

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Streaming Audio & Video

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Effective remarketing campaigns give you a chance to bring back customers with tailored ads and offers that relate to the experience they had on your website.

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Programmatic Display

While programmatic display advertising is not new, trends toward increased online shopping on more mobile devices make this form of advertising an essential tool that reaches your audience wherever they are on the web.

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