b'HOT AIR BALLOONSSPONSORED BY - Branson BalloonsTheWingsOverthePrairieFestivalisexcitedtowelcomeanew attractionthisyear,HotAirBalloonsfromBransonBalloons.This attractionispresentedbyExpressEmploymentProfessionals.The Hot Air Balloons will arrive at Macks Prairie Wings and be available for tethered rides Friday and Saturday afternoon. A limited number of sunriseights will also be available.For more information or to book aight, contact the Stuttgart Chamber of Commerce at 870-673-1602 or stuttgartchamber@centurylink.net.The Hot Air Balloons are another attraction that is part of the many activities during the Worlds Champion Duck Calling Contest and Wings Over the Prairie Festival.Stuttgart Official Sportsmans Guide 2021 13'