b'BUY, SELL OR TRADE COLLECTORS UNITE!SPORTING COLLECTIBLESSPONSORED BYIf youre looking for a rare duck call or you have a duck call you want to trade or sellthen be sure to visit the Sporting Collectibles Show. There are exhibitors who are willing to trade, or sell, rare and unique duck calls.TheWalmartSportingCollectiblesShowislocatedinitsowntenton Main Street in downtown Stuttgart. Many of the foremost collectors and makers of game calls will gather at the Wings Over The Prairie Festival to show, swap, and sell calls of all kinds. The show allows collectors to share their enthusiasm and share information about this truly unique form of American folk art.If you want to talk calls, the Worlds Champion Duck Calling Contest and Wings Over The Prairie Festival is the place to be on Thanksgiving weekend. For a chance to view some rare and unique duck and game calls, visit the Walmart Sporting Collectibles Show. Stuttgart Official Sportsmans Guide 2021 21'