b'PERSEVERANCE PAYS OFF:STEINMEYERWins World TitleEPLUNUS COLVIN, IN THE LOOPIf you would of asked 37-year-old insurance producer, Michael Steinmeyer,10yearsagoifhewasreadytobetheWorlds ChampionDuckCallingContestwinner,hisanswerwould have been no.Steinmeyer, of Jackson, Mo, celebrated victorious, winning the2019WingsOverThePrairieWorldsChampionDuck Calling Contest, Saturday, November 30, in Stuttgart, Arkansas but the road to victory wasnt an easy one.Competinginduckcallingcompetitionssince2006, Steinmeyer has had his fair share of disappointments.I blew in two contests, then blew in three or four more and said ok, I really do suck, said Steinmeyer. Giving up wasThe feel of conquest hit Steinmeyer when he walked off the never an option, even though the champ admits, he felt like itstage after the first round of the contest.at times. It got to the point where you have invested so muchIts the ring of the hail call. Whenever you hit it, you feel time, so why would you give up, said Steinmeyer. The thoughtit through your skin, he said. The way the feed call flowed so of not going back to Stuttgart for the contest is what kept mefluidly, at that point, when youre on, youre on.going. SteinmeyercreditsmentorssuchasthelateButch Richenback,whohesaysmeanttheworldtohim.Healso thanks his friend Tyler who he has competed against and his late friend Ryan Hudson, who he said kept him encouraged.Thepeoplethathavehelpedmealongthewayareno longerwithusbuttheyhavehelpedmethroughit,said SteinmeyerSo, whats next for the 2019 Worlds Champion?I dont know yet, honestly, said Steinmeyer. Ask me in February when I show up in Burlington and Im not blowing.Untilthen,Steinmeyerwillbeenjoyinghisfirst-place winnings,whichinclude, $10,000cash,aspecially designedChampionring byWilkersonsJewelers,a WarEagleDuckBoat,and thousandsofdollarsin Perseverance paid off for Steinmeyer, who has been blowinggifts and prizes. Steinmeyer the same routine his entire career, slightly adjusting along thenowjoinstheChampion way. clubamongstmanygreat Saturday night, in front of friends, family and duck huntingworldlegends.Michael fans, that same routine secured his title as the new reigningSteinmeyersroadtohope world champ. cultivated perseverance and Its the same thing over and over again for 10 plus years,determination, even through the inevitable.said Steinmeyer. You dont go by sound anymore, you go byIf youre going to do it, do it, he said. Stick with it and dont feel. give up.Stuttgart Official Sportsmans Guide 2021 31'