b'WorldsChampion RingAWARDED BYIn1988WilkersonJewelersofStuttgartestablishedaPrairie Festival, will receive a diamond pendant, hers to traditionofawardingaspecially-designedringtothekeep, courtesy of Wilkerson Jewelers.winner of the Worlds Champion Duck Calling Contest.The Champion rings will be on display at Wilkerson In2019MichaelSteinmeyerofJackson,Missouri,Jewelers, located at 222 South Main Street, throughout the won the Champion ring. For many winners of the WorldsWings Over the Prairie Festival.ChampionDuckCallingContest,itstheWilkersonWilkerson Jewelers owner, Bobby Wilkerson, repre-Champion Ring they covet most. sentstheepitomeoflocalbusinessinvolvementin theDuckCallingContestandWingsOverthePrairie Champion of Champions Ring Festival,contributing tothefestivalsacclaimed success. Continuing the tradition of awarding a specially-designedThattraditioncontinueswiththe86thAnnualWorlds ring to winners, Wilkerson Jewelers created a second one- Champion Duck Calling Contest in 2021.of-a-kindringforthewinneroftheWorldsChampion of Champion contest which is held every five years. This WinnersoftheWorldsChampionDuckCalling PROUD TO BE contest is only open to past Worlds Champion winners.Contest leave not only as champions, but adorned In 1990, the first Champion of Champions ring was presentedtoJohnnyBooMahfouz.Themostrecentin specially-designed and crafted jewelry. Champion of Champions ring was awarded in 2015 to John Stephens of Stuttgart, Arkansas. Wilkersons looks forward A PART OFto awarding the next Champion of Champions ring in 2021.Both Champion rings are available for past Champion winners to purchase.STUTTGART Queen Mallard its contest sponsorship even further, Wilkersons carried helping to make contest winners payload of prizes one of the most valuable of any similar community event. Queen Mallard, selected annually to reign over the Wings Over the SANCTIONED DUCK CALLING CONTESTSThe most current lists of sanctioned state, regional and international contests can be found at: stuttgartarkansas.orgIn order to qualify for the Worlds Champion Duck Calling Contest a caller must win a duck calling contest that is sanctioned by the Worlds Champion Rules Committee. The Rules Committee only sanctions one State Champion per state, and a series of Regional Events. All toll, each year there are only about 65 duck calling contests that qualify the winner for a ticket on the bus to Stuttgart.The Worlds Champion Duck Calling Contest was founded in order to encourage and promote good sportsmanship and to perpetuate the arts and skills of waterfowling. Winners of of cially sanctioned state, regional, and international contests are entitled to participate and are judged on his/her ability to bring in a simulatedock of ducks using all of the following calls: (1) Hail or long distance call (2) Mating or lonesome duck call(3) Feed or chatter call (4) Comeback call. Each contestant will be allowed a maximum of 90 seconds (1-1/2 minutes). There is a minimum of two callbacks; a contestant must call a minimum of three times before being declared the winner. Stuttgart Official Sportsmans Guide 2021 33'