b'CHILDRENS DUCK CALLING CLASSESOpen to Children Between 4 and 8 Years OldThe tradition continues have been conducted by former Womens Worlds Champion Duck Callers Patti Thompson, Malu Hammans, Lee Tackett, and Shelby Free The young children can learn the basics of duck calling by attendingCourtney.the Riceland Childrens Duck Calling Classes held each year at theThe classes are held as a way to get young children interested in duck Wings Over the Prairie Festival. calling. For many, its their first introduction to the sport. Many of the Classes begin at 10:00 a.m. Friday, November 26, 2021, in front ofchildren go on to become serious about duck calling and enroll in the the Main Stage. The classes are open to children between the ages of 4YouthDuckCallingClinic.Theyouthclassesaretaughtby and 8 years old. Children must bring their own duck call. Worlds Champion Duck Callers John Stephens and Jim Ronquest Forover40years,theChildrensDuckCallingClasseswereofRich-N-Tone Duck Calls.conducted by former Worlds Champion Duck Caller Pat Peacock, andher sisters Dixie Holt and Brenda Cahill. The three women are the daughters of legendary duck call maker Chick Major, who was famous for the Dixie Mallard Duck Call. In 2016, they decided that would be their final year and it was time to pass the reigns.Since then classes Stuttgart Official Sportsmans Guide 2021 47'