b'Riceland Foods is the proud sponsor of the Commercial Exhibits Tent at the Wings Over The Prairie FestivalTheRicelandnamehasbecomethattheyaremember-ownedandareinStuttgarthousessalesoffices,arice synonymouswithrice.Ninety-sixyearsoperatedsolelyforthebenefitofthemillingcomplex,asoybeanprocessing ago, farmers learned that four things weremembers. plant, an edible oils refinery, a research neededtogrowrice:hardwork,cleanRicelandFoodsisproudtocalland technical center, and a training and water,anabundanceofsunshine,andStuttgart home. The co-ops headquarterseducationcenter.Ricelandownsand goodland.Thefarmersontheoperatessevenricemillsinall ArkansasGrandPrairiefoundincluding the largest rice mill in thelandwassoperfectforthetheworldlocatedinJonesboro, crop that they named their riceArkansas.after itRiceland Rice.Riceland is pleased to sponsor RicelandisafarmerownedtheCommercialExhibitsTent co-operative,andsinceitsattheWingsOverthePrairie inceptiongenerationsofFestival.Whenvisitingthe RicelandFoodfarmershaveRiceland booth, be sure to take a planted, cultivated and harvestedselfie in the Riceland Duck Blind rice, and the tradition continuesandsamplethenewRiceland today.Theco-opoffamilyRice n Easy flavored rice mixes. farmers has always had the goalThereisawidearrayofrice to produce the finest quality ricegifts and Riceland Rice Bran Oil in the world. Co-ops like Ricelandproductsavailableforpurchase differfromotherbusinessesinwith shipping if needed. YOY OUURRLLAANNDDOur farmers take special care in utilizing new technologiesto exercise sustainable practices and minimize our impacton the land so that waterfowl and other migrating birdscan ourish. Because the best way to grow our businessand community is by maintaining the most importantpartnershipbetween people and land.Visit our website to learn more about our farmers practices.RICELAND.COMStuttgart Official Sportsmans Guide 2021 57'