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Engage Your Audience, Build Your Brand, and Target through a Layered Omnichannel Approach

Forging into new realities in advertising, Marketing.com harnesses the power of expert design and cutting-edge technology to create immersive customer experiences. With the reach of digital advertising, our tech pros can incorporate Augmented Reality (AR) components that add dimension and customized engagement to your marketing efforts, for both digital and print initiatives.

Studies show that AR ad campaigns allow you to connect and interact with consumers in a more meaningful way. Incorporating AR into direct mail campaigns has led to response rates jumping from 2-3% to 35%.

Revitalize Print Advertising

Our AR-enabled ads are a gamechanger for print marketing campaigns! AR-enabled marketing invites your customers to engage more immersively with your brand. AR blurs the lines between print and digital marketing by breathing new life into all of your print efforts, including:

  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Brochures
  • Press releases
  • Booklets
  • Signage
  • Any item that can be printed with a QR code

Marketing.com’s digital team will optimize your marketing campaigns by reducing the time, investment, and effort involved in communicating your brand’s message. Designing and producing leading virtual reality (VR) and AR experiences along with 3D visualizations, computer-generated imagery (CGI), video, visual effects, and animations, our team of diverse creative artists and technicians expedite your marketing messages. With a worldwide network of offices, Marketing.com localizes your advertising efforts for your customized AR marketing needs. Our digital solutions feature:

  • First-rate full CGI processed renderings for applications in all industries
  • VR and AR experience application development
  • All areas of animated content
  • Real-time rendering services

Marketing.com implements creative and innovative omni-channel advertising solutions via immersive experiences that incorporate AR, VR, and CGI. Regardless of your industry, our team can design and implement a unique and effective campaign that incorporates advanced technology to help your brand make an immediate impact with your target audience.

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Augmented Reality

Marketing.com’s tech pros can incorporate AR components that add dimension and customized engagement to your marketing efforts, for both digital and print initiatives.

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