b'A COMMUNITY THANKSGIVING TRADITION2021WORLDS CHAMPIONSPONSORED BYDUCK GUMBO CookoffIt has become one of the most popular events at the Wings Over the Prairie Festival and it is one of the best-known parties in the state of Arkansas. TheannualWorldsChampionDuckGumboCookoffhasbecomea Thanksgiving tradition for many people. Every year, literally thousands of people make plans to attend the Duck Gumbo. There is plenty to see and do.Duck Gumbo attracts a wide range of people. In the past there have been professional baseball, football and PGA golfers in the crowd enjoying DUCK GUMBOthe festivities.There is also some very serious competition. Fifty-six teams compete for bragging rights to the Worlds Best Duck Gumbo. 2019 WINNERS Each team is required to cook 3 quarts of gumbo and 50% of the meat used in the recipe must be duck. Teams start cooking at 10 in the morning and final judging takes place at 3 in the afternoon. Teams will usually cook 1st Place- Duck Down -enough so attendees can sample the different styles of gumbo.Head Cook Erle Hammons Prizes are awarded for first, second and third place. But even if a teams gumbo doesnt win the taste test, each team has a shot at winning 2nd Place- Margaritavillethe award for Best Booth. When you visit the Michelob Ultra Duck Gumbo Gumbo - Head CookCookoff, one of the first things youll notice are the elaborate booths the Sam Patterson teams assemble. Most have a theme and teams have been known to work all year designing an eye-catching booth.3rd Place- JB Gumbo -The Michelob Ultra Duck Gumbo Cookoff is also a chance to see old Head Cook Jeff Hildebrand friends. Some people are known to see each other once a year and thats at Duck Gumbo. Be sure to visit the Michelob Ultra Worlds Champion BEST BOOTH Duck Gumbo Cookoff, which takes place the Saturday after Thanksgiving Unrouxly Gumbo in Stuttgart, Arkansas. THE BANDAces Wild, a band you wont forget, is a high-powered party band from the South. This topenergy group wows audiences with their extraordinary vocals and musical talent. These guys rock their hearts out, jamming to everything from Johnny Cash to Bruno Mars, from ZZ Top to George Strait. You name it, they play it, rocking performances from coast-to-coast. Experience,talent,phenomenalrhythms,percussion,and strong vocal leads make it easy for Aces Wild to deliver a show that makes any age group want to jump up and dance. They make magic happen on stage so audiences are always thrilled and inspired by their performance, making sure every event is unique. Band members are lead vocalist and guitar slinger Travis Caudell,ElDoradonativePaulBaumgardnerondrums,and Hernando, Mississippis own Joey McBride on bass guitar.Website - aceswildband.comFacebook - @aceswildbandStuttgart Official Sportsmans Guide 2021 27'